Butcher Block Countertops For Kitchen

butcher-block-countertops-woodsIn the face of the latest kitchen models, butcher block countertops remain popular for many reasons. Natural wood is eternal, just as wonderful as the more common granite or natural stone surfaces and, in many cases, more cost-effective. If you really keep the block kitchen countertops your meat, they will remain beautiful and durable.

There are many reasons why people are looking to replace the existing countertops, select a block of meat. For one thing, they are generally less expensive than granite or other popular materials commonly used in today’s kitchen remodels. They are also very versatile, great for the island kitchen, plus you can choose from various types of wood to compliment your cabinets and flooring. You can also have them finished, however you like. If you have a more contemporary shade for your kitchen, you can have a clean, sharp edges and a very smooth finish. If you have a more rustic décor, kitchen butcher block countertops can easily help add that depressed, older viewers as well.

Natural wood require different types of care and maintenance than other types of material surface. This is not necessarily more difficult, and if you care for them properly you will enjoy years of use out of them. There are ways to protect them with a sealant that can reduce the frequency of maintenance. Once a month you have to apply a generous amount of mineral oil to the surface of your desk. Allow it to sit for about an hour and then wash with mild detergent.

Only use mild detergents when cleaning counter tops, because the chemicals will ruin it. Because the material they are made of, the block holds the smell of meat more easily than other materials. It is easy to get rid of this smell, just soak the area with lemon juice for 15 minutes. It is important to be careful with your counter. Do not put a hot pot on top, because it will be forfeited. Caring for your wooden counter tops and they will last you for years.

There are some qualities that might not be ideal for every homeowner with wooden counter tops. Keep in mind that they are more easily scratched and torn from hard surfaces. They also need more up keep of granite or natural stone. The pattern of the board may not be in the order you prefer, so be sure to see the finished product before buying.

Butcher block countertops has always been and still is an option for any kitchen. Make sure you know what to this beautiful surface requires so that you will not be caught later. If you take care of a good base of kitchen butcher block counter top you can have a beautiful, long lasting in addition to your home that will serve you well and give you lots of compliments.

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