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Nov 16

I Needed Help with My Grandfather’s Old Place

I had been working so hard to clean up the new home that I inherited. My grandfather willed it to me. He knew that his place was my favorite place on earth. He told everyone in the family that I would be the one to get his home one day, and everyone was okay with …

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Sep 19

The Solution Ended Up Being an Easy One

After looking for a home for years, I knew that the best solution to actually owning a home that I could afford would be to get a fixer-upper home. I also knew that the best way would be to buy it directly from a homeowner who was selling on their own without a real estate …

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Apr 03

Cheap Installation for Plantation Shutters

It has been a rough week for me, because my mother passed away last week, and now I am in charge of her estate and I have to figure out all sorts of things. Not to mention all of the personal grief I have experienced from her passing. But she was sick for awhile, and …

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