I Needed Help with My Grandfather’s Old Place

I had been working so hard to clean up the new home that I inherited. My grandfather willed it to me. He knew that his place was my favorite place on earth. He told everyone in the family that I would be the one to get his home one day, and everyone was okay with that. But after moving in, it was quite apparent that I would need to find some help for bird control in New Jersey very quickly.

When grandma was in his senior years, he slowed down a lot. He was always someone who took good care of everything that he owned. And he was a big DIY-type of guy in that he knew how to repair most things around his place or update them to keep things looking great. He had such a bad back as he got older though, and he really struggled with getting things done. In the last 5 years of his life, things began to fall apart little by little. When some boards up near the roof rotted and fell away from the house, pigeons quickly moved in. The house is two stories, so when I heard them, I originally thought they were simply sitting on top of the room in an area I could not see. I had no idea that they were actually in the attic causing problems.

When I decided to move to an upstairs bedroom and begin working on the rooms on the second floor, I finally realized where the birds were. They were right over the bedroom that I was no inhabiting. I could hear them cooing often, which was actually nice to hear for a few minutes at most. But then I knew they needed to be removed. I then realized the room had a strange odor, and that’s when I realized there was probably a lot of bird droppings above the ceiling causing that. I called in someone to help after that, and they removed them with no problems.