Protecting Your Outdoor Space

It is great to have a nicely designed outdoor space on your backyard. You have a small and nice swimming pool and also outdoor patio complete with small barbecue space. Your family love to spend time on the backyard especially when friends and relatives are coming. Even for an outdoor space you still want it to become a safe and private space for your family.

One of the issue of open outdoor space is some uninvited parties may come exploring it without permission. It can be wild animals from squirrels to snakes or it can even worse, strange people breaking into there. You still want all advantages and fun of outdoor space but you also want to keep optimum safety and privacy. You don’t need to worry about it. Core Outdoor Design has the best solution for this problem. This company offers finest quality custom made Jacksonville screen enclosures outdoors. It is designed and built to provide optimum safety and privacy while still maintaining the idea of open outdoor space. The screen enclosures will keep your outdoor space maintain its outdoor characteristics including fresh air, natural lights exposure, sounds of surrounding area, and many more.

Core Outdoor Design is a registered and licensed contractor for outdoor structure. This company has team of landscape designers ready to translate your concept of outdoor space into a real thing. Don’t hesitate to contact this company. Its team will prepare the design based on your input and actual condition on the site. The screen enclosure design will be optimizing the space so you won’t feel like being trapped inside a cage. The screen enclosure is built from top grade materials to ensure optimum safety and security while it will also last for many years on the extreme outdoor weather. Core Outdoor Design knows how to create the best outdoor space.