The Solution Ended Up Being an Easy One

After looking for a home for years, I knew that the best solution to actually owning a home that I could afford would be to get a fixer-upper home. I also knew that the best way would be to buy it directly from a homeowner who was selling on their own without a real estate agent. So, I did exactly that last year when I bought an old farmhouse. The place had an old metal roof that needed a lot of work, and I knew that asphalt roofing would be much less expensive for me to have installed. I had some choices to make to figure out if that is the route that I wanted to take.

Aside from the fact that buying an old country home is what I could afford, that style of home is what I actually prefer compared to today’s newer homes that just do not have as much character in my opinion. It is what I grew up around and makes me feel most comfortable. The exude a warmth that many of today’s stark residences just do not have when I look at them. So, I found myself wondering if I should try to spend more money going with yet another roof made of metal or do the more sensible thing and go for something made of asphalt.

I called a few companies to come look at my newly-purchased place and asked them to give me quotes to fix my roof problem. When I explained my own personal dilemma about whether I should spend more on something made of metal because that is the original type of roof that was put on the house when it was build, the owner of one of the companies understood where I was coming from. He showed me some picture of other old residences in the area that now have asphalt roofing so that I could see how nice they look. I had to agree, and I appreciate the he helped me make my decision to go that route.